Distribution Technology and Indexx Markets announce new indices

Distribution Technology and iNDEXX Markets to provide the UK’s first risk-based investible indices for the retail market

20 November 2013 – Leading financial planning and risk profiling services business, Distribution Technology and iNDEXX Markets, the provider of bespoke managed indices, today announce a new and unique suite of six investible indices based on DT’s market-leading risk profiles.  The new indices, named “Dynamic Planner Goldman Sachs i-Select  Total Return Strategy indices” are provided by iNDEXX Markets and will have Goldman Sachs as pricing agent.

The partnership will see iNDEXX Markets launch six new multi-asset indices precisely matched to DT’s asset allocations and risk profiles. These innovative new indices have been designed to give managers and investors a daily benchmark which can be invested in, or used to assess relative performance, and are based on DT’s six most popular risk profiles. They are the first indices of their kind to provide relevant, risk-based benchmarks to an individual investor’s risk profile or investment objective, in contrast to the normal market or peer group-based indices which are not personalised. Dynamic Planner is licensed to over 5,000 financial advisers in the UK to profile, plan and manage their clients’ wealth.

Chris Fleming, Head of the Financial Analytics Team at Distribution Technology said, “DT now profiles in excess of 600 funds for more than 60 fund groups and is the UK market leader in fund risk profiling. We wanted to provide a means by which these communities could accurately track or manage investment performance against an agreed risk level; these new and unique indices allow our clients to do this.” 

Andrew Berry, Director at iNDEXX Markets, added: “iNDEXX Markets is a bespoke investment solution that caters explicitly to the designs and ambitions of its client base. This partnership with one of the leading technology and risk profiling firms will enable investors to 

have their investment need matched to DT’s already well-established and highly regarded risk profiling.”


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About DT

Distribution Technology is a leading provider of financial planning & practice management technology. Founded in 2003 the organisation serves more than 200 intermediary firms from the largest nationals, networks and service providers, to high quality local and regional advisers and bank owned wealth managers.

Over 3,000 advisers regularly use DT’s award winning, core product Dynamic Planner® to profitably profile, plan and manage their wealth clients and on a busy day Dynamic Planner® will support the creation of over 1,000 pieces of wealth advice.

DT works with more than 60 asset management firms to risk profile over 600 of their funds, representing more than £50bn in invested assets and helping advisers assess their suitability.

Dynamic Planner® is integrated into a growing number of investment platforms, enabling advisers to gain straight through new business processing and valuations, dramatically reducing the cost and risk of servicing their clients.

For more information, or for a live demo, please call Distribution Technology on 0118 9035832. Or find out more at www.distribution-technology.com

About iNDEXX Markets

iNDEXX Markets is a full service firm, helping asset managers to develop indices and to access distribution channels using a wide range of appropriate instruments, including ETFs, ETNs, UCITs funds and Structured Notes.

For more information please see www.indexxmarkets.com